President Trump's budget does not add up ($2 trillion math error)

Trump has promised to enact "the biggest tax cut in history".

But Andrew Feinberg, a reporter with Russia's Sputnik news outfit, pointed out that numerous children who would be cut off under Trump's proposal are US citizens.

BLACK: Do you consider entitlement reform an indispensable part of reaching that balanced budget, especially as we look at how we're only spending one-third of our total dollars on everyday spending, and the rest of it is over in that column with the debt and entitlements-Social Security, Medicare, and the other entitlement programs?

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin is defending the aggressive spending cuts in President Donald Trump's budget.

"Every president sends up a budget, and with all due respect to the current president, I can't recall any time in which we have been sort of dictated to by either a Republican or a Democratic president", McConnell said in an interview with The Associated Press.

Balancing the accounts would only work "if you believe in the tooth fairy", said former Secretary of the Treasure Larry Summers, while the Congressional Budget Office predicted an economic growth rate of 1.9 percent, and the Federal Reserved a 1.8 percent.

"More for the military, less for the poor", "Trump's draft budget breaks the promise of the campaign with cuts worth 800 billion dollars to Medicaid" and "Trump's budget strongly strikes his own voters" are some of the headlines in US media.

Overall, it is clear that Congress must step up and craft a budget that actually adds up and is grounded in serving all of the American people. She said the Trump budget makes good on Republican promises to reign in federal spending.

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A program created to move people receiving Social Security disability payments back into enter the workforce is politically toxic as well.

US Director of the Office of Management and Budget, Mick Mulvaney, testifies at a House Budget Committee hearing on the FY2018 budget at the Capitol on May 24, 2017 in Washington, DC. Without that growth, he warned, it will become increasingly hard to cut budget deficits. "(The) State (Department) still has some flexibility to come up with a final plan on that, but I do know that writ large we have proposed to move several countries from a direct grant programme to a loan guarantee programme", he said.

Likewise, a 10-year, $191 billion reduction in food stamps - nearly 30 percent - far exceeds prior proposals by Capitol Hill Republicans.

Pramilla Jayapal of Washington told Mulvaney that cuts to food stamps, payments to the disabled, and other programs are "astonishing and frankly immoral".

Other cuts include $63 billion to pension benefits for federal workers by eliminating cost-of-living adjustments for most workers and requiring employees to make higher contributions. In agriculture, it would limit subsidies to farmers, including for purchasing crop insurance, an idea already attacked by farm state lawmakers.

Trump's proposed budget is based on tax and spending cuts to strengthen economic growth without increasing the deficit.

There's little sign lawmakers, who panned the March plan, will have a change of heart now, especially with Trump's administration in turmoil and his poll ratings at historic lows.

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