Google Fi phone service now works on iPhones, Galaxy and OnePlus phones

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Google does say that the "full Google Fi experience" might not be available to any ol' phone you bring over and is instead reserved for phones "designed for Fi", like the ones they sell.

Previously, Google Fi only worked with Google's phones as well as some from LG and Motorola.

Among the current field of Project Fi devices - those which Google has personally deemed "Fi- Ready" - include its own Pixel 3, 3 XL, 2 and 2 XL flagships, LG's G7 and V35, and Motorola's G6 and X4 (Android One edition) which are now for sale directly via Google's Project Fi store.

You can sign-up for Google Fi here. The steps necessary to get up and running with an iOS device on Fi will apparently be detailed in the Google Fi iOS app.

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Google today announced (or is going to announce?) that its month-to-month wireless service, Project Fi, is now open to many more devices, both Android and iPhone.

As expected, Google has to make some concessions with Project Fi's features and the devices the network supports, along with the features that come along with it. Data costs $10 per each GB that you use, but once you hit 6GB (or more if you're on a family plan), Bill Protection kicks in and you aren't charged for additional data use until your next bill. What you won't get, unfortunately, is the ability to switch back and forth between multiple networks, automatic connections to public Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi calling, and access to Google Fi's VPN service.

But there's one catch: Google says not all phones support some Fi features.

Google has now confirmed all of this and has also made it clear that it is adding support for iPhones and additional Android devices (including those from OnePlus and Samsung) for those who want a wider choice of handsets but still want to be able to take advantage of Google Fi. You'll still get Fi's existing pay-as-you-go, contract-free pricing scheme, wide worldwide coverage, and additional data-only SIMs at no extra charge. You will also receive voicemails as texts and have them transcribed. Among other things, that marks the first time you've officially been able to use an iPhone with Fi. Alternatively, if you're starting up Fi on your current phone, the company will give you $200 in service credit upon joining.

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