Apex Legends Season 3 Brings Huge Changes To The Game

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Respawn Entertainment has released the newest season for Apex Legends, and accompanied with all the new skins and map, we have a brand new character. This new weapon takes time to set up, but it can deliver a devastating blow if the player stays on target.

This season, Apex Legends is also getting a new Battle Pass full of rewards, and the Ranked Leagues Series 2 also starts today with a few important changes to the kill count score and the assists on kills that you can see here.

"The verticality of this map looks way better than the old one?" With the introduction of the new map, things should feel fast-paced. The game's Twitch audience has been dropping steadily since the insanely strong February launch, and there was a ton of backlash against the injection of new exploitative microtransactions in the previous season. If it's a comparison you're after, the Charge Rifle is very similar to Halo's Spartan Laser. The drone, which can be summoned and subject to a 40-second cooldown timer, can mark enemies, loot crates and open doors. He utilises a Surveillance Drone to scan the battlefield.

Elon Musk Unveils SpaceX's Newest Mars-Colonizing Spacecraft
Musk laid out a rapid timetable, sped up from his earlier projections and faster than any major space endeavor in memory. It's a vehicle that Musk has delineated as a "strange" cross between a rocket booster, a crew capsule, and a skydiver.

As for Crypto? He's focused primarily on pinpointing enemies using his aerial drone, including a passive ability to see what the drone sees up to 30 meters (98 feet) away. The video then goes into what players can expect ability wise, and since Crypto is one of the most elite hackers in the Outlands he has the pleasure of being able to use his drone to locate enemies. This means that Crypto's teammates will need to defend him.

Crypto's abilities will suit those who play in teams that continuously communicate, rather than players who drop in and abandon the rest of their team. When fully charged, it emits a powerful EMP pulse which can partially destroy enemy shields and any equipment in the blast radius.

We can not wait to get our hands on Apex Legends Season 3 which drops at 1 AM Eastern Time /10.30 PM IST.

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