Bungie Details Destiny 2 Free Content Ahead of October 1 Shadowkeep Release

Destiny 2

As of writing, Destiny 2 has disappeared from the Battle.net launcher, and will officially launch on Steam tomorrow (October 1). Players who try to log in to Destiny 2 are receiving a "Destiny 2 servers not available" message, and this Destiny 2 downtime has many wondering: How long will Destiny 2 be down? More on today's issue and maintenance can be found below. Bungie doesn't foresee any major issues, but will keep players updated if they come about.

The latest from Bungie explains: "There is now a temporary queue that players may experience when logging into Destiny 2".

Remember how Destiny hid a lot of its lore in the Grimoire Cards and people kept joking about the game not having a story? Shadowkeep will introduce Nightfall changes and dungeons and will add the new Armor 2.0 customization system across all accounts, regardless of whether or not a player owns Shadowkeep.

"Users may experience sign-on issues as background maintenance is still ongoing".

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We suggest monitoring Bungie Help as well as Destiny 2 Twitter feeds if you can't wait to get a stable service as those places are likely to be the first ones to post updates. Why does Bungie need to shut its game down for an entire day? Are you surprised by this news at all or not that much?

The Two-Tailed Fox has been in Destiny 2 since Forsaken released, and while it was never a meta weapon, it certainly had its uses.

What would you like to see from Bungie and Destiny? Be that light for the new Guardians wandering around the Tower, soloing a public event, dropping into Crucible for the first time, or trying to learn Raid mechanics you can do with your eyes shut.

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