Major League Baseball proposal includes pay cuts for highest-paid players

MLB players respond to league's lengthy return plan

Major League Baseball and the players' union met on Tuesday to discuss an economic proposal having to do with how the limited revenue will be divided between the sides.

The proposal does not include revenue sharing, which has been a point of contention between the league and union for decades, and especially in recent weeks.

High-earning players who have their salary reduced could receive the difference in salary in deferred payments, according to MLB Network's Jon Heyman.

Depending on the depth of the cuts, this could wind up a better deal overall for the players than the revenue share, which exposed the players to significant risk if, for example, the postseason wound up getting cancelled. The players saw it as the league going back on its agreement, while the league argued that language in the deal said that a renegotiation would be necessary if games were expected to be played without fans in the stands.

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Last week, MLB gave the union two options for baseball to return: Either rework a new financial structure or wait until fans can return to games.

Both parties seem to have agreed on a target date of mid-June to return to training with opening day to start in early July. There likely is more to this and, as always, the devil is in the details.

An economic proposal from baseball's owners, as reported by USA Today, would require the team's highest-paid players like pitcher Chris Archer, right fielder Gregory Polanco and All-Star first baseman Josh Bell to take the biggest pay cuts while those making close to the league minimum receive the smallest hit. The league never submitted that proposal to the union.

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