Immunization against COVID-19 could last years, study claims

What you need to know about the coronavirus right now

A small number of infected people in the new study did not have long-lasting immunity after recovery, perhaps because of differences in the amounts of coronavirus they were exposed to.

Staff at Oxford University Hospitals were regularly tested both for Covid-19 infections and for antibodies revealing a past infection. The MMR II vaccine, manufactured by Merck and licensed in 1979, works by triggering the immune system to produce antibodies.

The research studied 185 COVID-19 cases, including 41 cases in people who had been infected six or more months prior.

"We know from a previous study that antibody levels fall over time", Eyre said.

Its results have not peer-reviewed by other scientists but were published before review on the MedRxiv website.

The study participants were also asked about their recent behaviors so that researchers could identify any activities that may be linked to an increased likelihood of getting COVID-19.

This means that a person affected by Covid-19 is infectious for nine days after developing disease symptoms though tests may find presence of the virus for almost three months.

The study argues that areas like dog parks should be shut down as they can act as hives for spreading Covid-19, as the virus may even be passed on in the dogs' faeces.

University of Arizona immunologist Dr. Deepta Bhattacharya added, "I don't think it's an unreasonable prediction to think that these immune memory components would last for years".

Pfizer, Moderna COVID vaccines could be ready for United States use in weeks
The most common serious adverse event was fatigue, with 3.7% of volunteers reporting tiredness after they took the second dose. Just eight people who had received the two-dose vaccine got sick with COVID-19.

Exposure to cigarette smoke makes airway cells more vulnerable to infection with the new coronavirus, UCLA researchers found.

A further 76 members of staff who had not previously been infected then tested positive but were asymptomatic.

The number of coronavirus cases in Europe since the start of the pandemic surpassed 15 million on Friday, according to a Reuters tally, as the continent reports a million new infections about every four days.

The viral genome sequencing data will be integrated within the four UK Public Health Agencies and NHS Test and Trace to help understand outbreaks and strengthen infection control measures.

In the five studies examining non-household accommodations, viral RNA was found on all five samples of wooden chopsticks, patient personal protective equipment (two of three positives), and electronic high-touch surfaces, like the computer mouse and the TV (seven of 16 positives). The T cells and B cells are immune cells in our body.

Scientists have noted that our pets can catch Covid-19 from us, but they very rarely get sick.

The analysis found that none with antibodies against the virus tested positive over the course of roughly seven months. They write, "immune memory consisting of at least three immunological compartments was measurable in ~90% of subjects 5 months PSO (post symptom onset), indicating that durable immunity against 2 (secondary) COVID-19 disease is a possibility in most individuals".

The Times also points to another recent study that showed that survivors of SARS, also caused by a coronavirus, still carry important immune cells 17 years after being infected.

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